Going a little country..spring tour

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Hey y’all, my spring tour is a little late this year!  Back problems, arthritis and just life have been very…active to say the least.  Many have requested to see how I decorate for spring.  This year it is a little lacking, but a few bunnies have made their way into the house.

I am in the middle of a complete decor change over.  Between The Pioneer Woman and Joanna Gaines, my style is going a little country farmhouse! Yes, country, me, complete with shiplap coming soon!!

I hope you all have a wonderful spring. I can’t wait for the flowers to bloom and 100 degree temperatures by the pool.  Now onto a short little tour…..

(just click on pictures to enlarge them)

The fairy is all ready for the Easter Bunny to visit with lots of chocolate.

My china cabinet is under construction, but I decided to share it with you now and a little later I will update you all on how I finish it out. My Pioneer Woman collection is growing, I am in complete love with the creamer cow!

On top of our fridge is a very special project.  The flour sifter, biscuit pan and veggie strainer were my grandmothers and my great grandmothers.  We lost my grandmother a couple years ago and I am just now able to have this out all the time and not cry every time I walk by and see it. They say time makes death a little more bearable…………I am still waiting on that. I do take great peace in knowing that God has a plan and I will see my grandmother and great grandmother again!

I am in so in love with these three tier displays. I really can’t wait to change this up for summer and 4th of July, oh the plans I have for this!!

Another sweet little project by our coffee station.  What a perfect face to see first thing in the morning!

Formal dining room table.  I am not one who sets out place settings and leaves them on the table.  Besides, life happens around that table. It is used more often that not as a desk or just plain storage!

Our gathering room is still  under construction as well, but we are getting there.  I use the word “we” when really my sweet husband is doing all the work, but he needs a good supervisor right?!?!

Our guest bathroom did not escape the “country farmhouse” makeover.  I found this two tier tray and instantly knew it a home in our bathroom.I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of our springy house.  Let me know in the comments what you think of the “farmhouse” craze taking place right now.  I love the neutral colors and the cotton stems. Everything farmhouse just makes me feel all cozy and I hope it makes everyone who comes to see us feel right at home!

Thanks for stopping by, may God bless you and your family.

All my love,




Out with 2016 in with 2017

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As we start out a new year, I have decided to do a little update to the gathering room and kitchen.  What better way to start a fresh new year than with fresh new (old) stuff?

I will admit right now that I have a new found passion for all things Pioneer Woman.  Mrs. Drummond has an amazing line of dishes, linen and cookware.  She also has some yummy recipes that I am enjoying trying out.  My sweet hubby is really liking this new found passion of mine to….well the recipe part anyway!

For those of you who might not know my hubby is quite the wood craftsman.  He make signs, boxes all things wood really.  He would sell things, but well, I fall in love with everything he makes before he can get it out the door to sell.  Below are a few of the wonderful things he has made me.

These are all in our gathering room.  It is still a work in progress but I am getting it there.  This spring the walls are getting a little shiplap and alot of paint.

Now onto my love of all things Pioneer Woman.  I hate to say this, I was really excited this year to take down the Christmas decorations and update my china cabinet.  I love that with Pioneer Woman,  it really all goes together great without all being exactly the same. It reminds of going to garage sales and finding those sweet little treasures all those years with my grandmother, mother and my aunt.  It really does make me happy to just look at it and let the memories all come back! Don’t tell the hubby, my collection has really only just begun…..

During the holidays we were blessed with a visit from my dear mother in law.  She had been telling me about a handmade leather purse that my hubby’s great granddaddy made years and years ago.  She gave it to me during the holidays and I just love it.  I knew I would never carry it, I would just never forgive myself if something were to happen to it.  Besides, my wallet would not even fit in there.  I think I try to carry everything I own in my handbag?!?!  I decided to do what I do best and make an arrangement out of it.  I think it looks perfect on my grandmothers antique sewing machine.

As we start out 2017 I hope everyone stops and takes time to really appreciate what is important in life.  For me right now, that does include all things Pioneer Woman and all things farmhouse!

No post here at DeAnna’s Flowers is complete without a photo of our sweet grandson.  He is just a blessing and one of the greatest gifts from Heaven we have ever received.  God is so good!Have a blessed day and a very blessed 2017!


Christmas Home Tour

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I am a little late with the tour this year.  I did start decorating back in late October, the season has just gotten away from me this year.  I hope you enjoy the tour, please leave me a comment below and like my Facebook page too.  My New Year’s resolution this year is to blog more often so let me know what you would like to see in the coming year.

I am so blessed to have a wonderful family.  Our smallest, yet greatest blessing is our grandson.  This little guy has his Nana and PawPaw Jim wrapped around his precious little fingers.  He stopped by one day during decorating and helped me out.

  My favorite photo of the day is this one below.  I just know he is thinking “OK, Nana, there better be some great presents for me under here soon”

There is nothing like a little one to help “un-decorate” a tree! I would have been so upset had I not thought to snap this photo! It melts my heart every time I look at it. It is the small things in life that bring the greatest joy.

Now onto the decorations.  Our kitchen this year is candy themed.  I found the cutest little candies to go on the candy bar.

The china cabinet and the pot rack

Gathering room tree (woodland theme 7ft tree)

Also in the gathering room

Our formal dining room and formal living room (Santa theme 8ft tree)

Sunroom (Nutcracker theme 9ft tree)

A few decorations in the gathering room. The Santa warmer was gift from my sweet daughter (in law).

Entry way

I also received an early gift from my son and daughter (in law) a very special ornament that hangs in my kitchen window.

I am a mom to two amazing men, one adopted man and of course married to the most wonderful man in the world.  I do love to shop for them. But I have to admit that I love having an amazing daughter (in law) to shop for.  After 18 years of trucks, trains, guns and all things police, it is wonderful to shop for girly things!!!  ***Don’t worry men in my life…..there are plenty of shoot up bang bang things under the tree for y’all.

Have a blessed holiday season, from my family to yours MERRY CHRISTMAS.









Welcome To Our Fall Home Tour

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Welcome to our little piece of Heaven.  It is the season for crisp morning air, falling leaves and of course, pumpkin spice everything. Come on in, grab a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and get comfy!

(click on photos to enlarge)20160828_12532320160828_124106 20160828_124145 20160828_125338

This time of year I love to stop and reflect on what I am most thankful for.  God has been so wonderful to our family and we have so many things to be thankful for our health, our careers, our family.  One of our greatest blessing is our amazing grandson.  He is perfect in every way.


With this addition to our growing family, I have had the opportunity to pass down this rocking chair.  This chair was purchased by our grandson’s great, great grandmother for me when I was born.  I did do a little update for Landon, he got new fabric for his cushions. The fabric was picked out by his great grandmother.  I finished up the cushions using Landon’s great, great, great grandmothers thimble.  This chair represents 6 generations of my family including Landon.  I hope one day to see my great grand babies reading a book sitting in this chair. I have decided this year to post more photos and do a little less talking.  I know you will all be thankful for that!  Now onto the tour…

Our kitchen island pot rack

Also in the kitchen20160827_153256 20160827_153046 20160827_15312520160827_153227

A special piece to me, this is a drawer out of my grandmother sewing machine.  I have this on the coffee table in the formal living room.

20160827_153404 20160827_153355

Our fireplace in the formal living room.

20160827_153640 20160827_153757

Side table (formal living room) The lantern and the sunflowers were used in our youngest son’s wedding.  I love to re-purpose things with special memories.

20160827_153743 20160827_153725 20160827_153853

Formal dining room


Foyer table

China cabinet

Our gathering room is a little more rustic than the formal living areas in our home.

20160827_153021 20160827_152941 20160827_152804 20160827_152656


I hope you have enjoyed the tour.  Stop by again, the pumpkin spice coffee will be hot and ready for you.

Please don’t forget to “like” my Facebook page.  Have a wonderful fall season and very blessed day.